Wolfintech ™ realizes the dream of uniting a multidisciplinary team with vast experience and maximum trust, with the most advanced ethical and ecological standards, to put technology and innovation at the service of man and the environment.


Our services can count on a vast and consolidated network of highly prestigious and reliable professionals all over the world, for perfect legal, fiscal, administrative, strategic and operational management.


Our adventure was born in 2016 with the establishment of BALKAN EUROPE BUSINESS SPA, an operating company under Bulgarian law with headquarters in Sofia.

The Holding subsequently evolved through the acquisition of two other companies, a BV under Dutch law and a capital company under Bulgarian law – Siberian Wolf Eood – a company that on 02.24.2022 started the legal procedure for registration as authorized operator in the management of cryptocurrencies and other decentralized assets at the Bulgarian National Security Register and the competent bodies.

The Holding therefore operates in perfect partnership with the company Arpacore LTD of Amsterdam NL , and Multiconsulenta S.r.l di Cluj Napoca RO.

Active in the defense of assets, in the protection of innovation and in the worldwide registration of patents and trademarks, in the processing and management of international company formation practices, in accounting and commercial management, in the development and management of projects based on decentralized Blockchain registers.

Our company has been operating successfully for many years, helping our customers to achieve maximum business efficiency, providing customized services to their needs through a comparison based on pragmatism and mutual trust.
For us it is a source of great satisfaction to see many customers become our valid partners and collaborators over time.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us!

SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption

Infomaniak utilizza energia di origine rinnovabile (60% di energia idraulica certificata 'TUV SUD EE01' e 40% di energia rinnovabile certificata 'Naturemade Star').

Infomaniak uses renewable energy:
(60% of certified hydraulic energy ‘TUV SUD EE01’ and 40% of certified renewable energy ‘Naturemade Star’).